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Enjoy Retirement with your children’s inheritance

As November is the sunset of a calendar year so is old age the setting sun for a senior’s life. But the golden years can be good if one prepares for aging according to Lindsay Green, author of “You Could Live a Long Time, Are You Ready?” This and other books and magazine articles on the subject of aging are gold mines of ideas for enjoying old age.

Category: Editorial

Editorial: Civic literacy: power to the voter (October 2018)

This fall, six of Canada’s 10 provinces will be holding local government elections. Based on historical voter turnouts, it’s not looking very promising.

In Ontario, which has the largest population of Canadian Filipinos, average voter turnout at its last civic election in 2014 was only 43.12 per cent, according to the Association of Municipalities Ontario. In British Columbia also in 2014, the average was about 61 per cent according to Civicinfo BC. The City of Vancouver itself recorded a dismal 37.57 per cent.

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Editorial: Living in a Topsy-turvy World (July 2018)

We’ve seen it on Netflix – the wildly popular Stranger Things have characters cross into the “upside down” world where the air is toxic, and the dark cavern is membrane filled. We’ve seen it in the movies too in The Poltergeist where a young girl gets sucked into the “other side” and gets held down by the “Beast” whose ulterior motive was to prevent spirits to follow the real “light.”