How to Survive Winter Blues

Winter is here, and of course, not everyone is happy. For some, this season connotes long and dark days, icy and freezing wind, and brutal and overnight storms that somehow paralyze the brain and freeze the heart.

As a result, some of our beloved family members and close friends develop depression and loss of interest to do anything. If symptoms worsen, they also experience lack of sleep, loss of energy, poor concentration, impaired appetite, and for some, even death wishes and suicidal ideas.

How are you going to cope?

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My Experience with Naturopathy

It all started when I felt a dull bloating pain in my abdomen that comes and goes, and sometimes accompanied by diarrhea in between. I went to see my family doctor and she sent me to a series of lab tests- blood, urine, stool, and pelvic ultra-sound. The results came in and everything was fine. I should have felt relief, however, the same symptoms were still there.

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