May 24, 2024

Michael Bernabe grew up with a deep appreciation of the scientific method.

Even as a young boy growing up in Manila, Michael had an inquisitive mind. He was full of questions often catching his parents and teachers off guard and grappling for answers to such questions as “How does one know what the real time is?”

He enjoyed reading science books and was fascinated with airplanes wondering what keeps them up in the air and why they must move so fast to stay airborne. His young dream was to invent something, be it a process or a product.

 Michael’s parents immigrated to Canada in 1974 when he was eight years old. The structured or scientific approach of doing things seemed to be ingrained in him at an early age, so his parents were not surprised when he decided to study engineering. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1988 and worked as a Professional Engineer for 20 years.

In his career as an engineer, he was a Process, Systems, Project Engineer and IT, Contract Consultant, for twenty years.  His accomplishments included assuming the role of "Warranty Champion" for one of the manufacturing plants of the largest auto parts company in Canada. He invented a process control system and was cited as a Process Inventor on the Internet; created the original version of the Advanced Product Quality Planning System for his company to improve project planning, management and product quality. He is a conscientious worker and gives any assigned task 110 percent and ensures that the results are also 110 percent. His work philosophy is: Always give it the best that you can

Michael sums up his engineering career thus: “After a challenging career in engineering for 15 years, in the next phase of my engineering career, I did contract consulting in the Information Technology field for a few years.  Then my intellectual interest in engineering science shifted to a less stressful but more fascinating gear and that is writing articles in the discipline of Physics using my knowledge, skills, training and experience as a Professional Engineer.”

To Michael, scientific writing is the best way to expound on his knowledge and experience in engineering and physics and to have them written and shared with others. At the same time, he plans to develop software applications for Smart Phones. Below are the links to four of his published articles. They deal with the effect of motion on the passage of time.

In his articles, Michael explains aspects of the Theory of Special Relativity to the layman (using only high school algebra when needed). Relativity is used to describe the behaviour of the very massive (e.g., planets, stars and galaxies, etc.) whereas Quantum Mechanics describes the behaviour of the very small (e.g., protons, electrons, quarks, photons, etc.).   Both theories are within the scope of Universal Physics and are both correct but are not compatible.  Physicists have been working together to reconcile the theories into a single, unified theory, the so-called "theory of everything", which is the "holy grail" of Physics. Michael is having a wonderful time in their company in the physics discipline.

Standing 5’ 8” at 160 pounds, he keeps fit by working out on a regular basis in his home gym. Baseball is his favourite sport. When he is not busy writing on his favourite subjects of Physics and Math, he enjoys watching documentaries and biographies on TV. His favourite pastime is hanging out with close friends and talking about almost anything. Family and friends like talking to him because he is respectful, considerate, easy to talk with, witty and always polite even when he disagrees.

In addition to the “Holy Grail of Physics,” Michael is also seeking the “elusive nice girl” (she doesn’t have to be a scientist!) who seems to have eluded him all these years. Until he finds that girl, he’s happy playing “ The Lovable Uncle” to his niece Abigail, who is eight years old, and nephew Andrew, three, who consider him "the best Uncle ever!" and miss him terribly when he goes away on a trip. He loves children and enjoys being young again whenever he’s with them.

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