Jun 24, 2024

Re-usable items go a long way in helping protect the Earth. Photo by Maria Ilves on Unsplash.

We have little need in our family for material stuff, and we try not to consume too much.

However, I still think the only real solution is to come up with alternatives. So I would push a technological revolution aimed at reducing waste: pour  more money into research and for industry to come up with alternatives to agrochemicals, to meat, coming up with biodegradable packaging materials (makes me despair to see so much plastic still being used today in supermarkets), build more energy efficient aircrafts, cars, buildings etc. 

Let us support heavy taxes on use of carbon fuels, ban the manufacture of certain plastic materials and subsidize industries producing alternative biodegradable materials, promote use of energy efficient building materials, support companies for conversion to renewable energy sources

Unless these happen, our personal efforts may make us feel good that we are helping save the Earth, but may not really amount to very much.

Manolo Abella, Vancouver

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