Jul 17, 2024

As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis is the first of a series.

A Vancouver-based author writing under the name P. Milisande has published a novel titled As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis

 Released in 2016, the book tells the tale of Maia, an intrepid soul looking for answers to questions she’s not yet sure why she’s asking. Diving deep into the ocean of mystery, she finds herself looking deeper into her own person, only to find the answers simply lead to more questions—about herself, about her father, about the world around her, about her past and her future.

With Maia is her best friend Elle. She gently pushes Maia to break boundaries, not knowing that their pasts and futures are deeply intertwined.

As the Pleiades star cluster gave them direction in the darkness of the night, the ocean floors revealed more to be discovered. With its discovery, the past threatens once again to re-enact its painful shattering. Will Maia finally find the answers to quell her deepest fears, her innermost longings?

The first installment of an already anticipated book series, this book is for adults and young adults fascinated with Greek mythology, modern science, and the story of the great flood. 

The idea for the book came to the author when she found intriguing and highly controversial underwater images on Google Earth.

“I asked myself—what do you do if you find something that shatters all you know about what is real? Then the answer came to me—write a story, of course,” Milisande said with a twinkle in her eye.

Utilizing the unending expanse of one’s imagination, Milisande taps into the reader’s creative soul. Through featuring in her “disruptive” book the actual Google Earth images she found, she brings the reader into a journey from one reality to another—showing realms of darkness and of light—in order for them to find the courage to “unveil Atlantis”.

A new genre brimming with mystery and calling for adventure, Milisande has drawn for her readers an intricate and spellbinding tale of fiction. As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis is available on Amazon.com, and will soon be available in print.

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