May 24, 2024

From left, Arlene Wright, webmaster of Canadian Filipino Net; Eleanor R. Laquian, vice-president of the Maple Bamboo Network Society (MBNS), publisher of website; and Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell, president and CEO of MBNS.

Serious, educated, and literate members of the British Columbia Filipino community welcomed the arrival of a Filipino Canadian newspaper online, produced, and written by professional journalists and educators.

 Canadian Filipino Net is a group of Filipino Canadians passionate about raising the profile of Filipinos in Canada by providing news and views about Canadian communities across the country. The number of Canadians of Filipino ancestry is approaching a million. Through the website, the group wants to share stories and engage in a dialogue among Canadian Filipinos. Canadian Filipino Net is owned, managed and operated by Maple Bamboo Network Society, a non-profit society.

 Prod Laquian is the founding editor and chair of the editorial board. He is a professor emeritus of community and regional planning at the University of the British Columbia.

Eleanor Guerrero Campbell is president/CEO of Maple Bamboo Network Society (MBNS), the publisher of Canadian Filipino Net. She is a city planner, community leader and writer (Stumbling Through Paradise, her first novel). She is a recipient of the Vancouver Civic Merit Award (the only Filipino Canadian to receive this prestigious award).

Eleanor R. Laquian is vice-president of MBNS. She has written four best-selling books and served in various capacities at the University of British Columbia’s Institute of Asian Research.

MBNS Board Members include Lara Honrado. Clayton Campbell is legal adviser.

Canadian Filipino Net staff includes Mary Ann Mandap (managing editor), Emmy Bucat (social media manager), Iona Fresnoza (social media coordinator), and Arlene Wright (webmaster).

The provincial correspondents are Emmie Joaquin and Lucille Nolasco (Manitoba), Dr. Mike Rayel (Newfoundland and Labrador), Dulce Amba Cuenca, G.K. Limcangco, Marieton Pacheco, Irene Querubin, and Melissa Remulla-Briones (British Columbia), Joe Zagala, Jo Leuterio Flach, Tony San Juan, Philip Kelly, Veronica Silva-Cusi, Marissa Roque and Rose Tijam (Ontario), and Maria Ana Olaguera (Quebec). More professional writers and columnists are being recruited to cover the other provinces of Canada.

Canadian Filipino Net is an independent, non-profit digital magazine produced by volunteer writers, editors, and webmasters. Your donation will go a long way so we can continuously publish stories about Canadian Filipinos. Click on a donate button and proceed either through PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card.

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