Jul 15, 2024

Grace Chan has performed on stages around the world.

Grace Chan has over 25 years of experience as a voice teacher and coach. She started singing in the pop genre and Broadway musicals before emerging as an opera and theater singer. She has performed on opera stages around the world.

 A mezzo-soprano, Chan has a bachelor's and master’s degrees in music from the University of British Columbia, with extensive training in New York and Vienna.

Chan recently opened a studio called the Voice Gym to provide an opportunity for both the professional and the curious alike to elegantly express their vocal ambitions. Training with Voice Gym includes understanding anatomy and physiology, working with one’s essential breath, and strengthening the breathing muscles.

Participants will be able to choose their own genre or style of singing. Chan’s methodology includes stage performance techniques, international multi-voice teacher pedagogies, the science of voice and acoustics, the healing arts, philosophy, and history.

Located in Vancouver, Voice Gym is open to people of all ages, starting from six-year-olds. It also offers voice discovery for persons with disabilities.

Chan discusses the importance of singing and music in people’s lives: “The deepest parts of our brain direct us to consciously activate the pleasure circuits of the brain and release dopamine. This lowers stress and anxiety levels so we can learn and be receptive.”

According to Chan, “Singing is a specialized vocal behavior integrating auditory and sensorimotor information; singing has shared and distinct behavioral and neural correlates with speaking. Singers (and musicians in general) are auditory-motor athletes who start early and practice intensely. This skill training leads to the functional and structural adaptation of the brain.”

For more details: http://www.voicegym.ca/

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