Jul 17, 2024

Chi Angad-Fuentebella currently works as health care aide for Northern Spirit Manor. Photo courtesy of Shared Health Manitoba.

February 1, 2024 – Following a recruitment blitz by the Province of Manitoba in 2023, 35 health care workers have arrived from the Philippines in January.

According to a statement to Global News, a provincial spokesperson said eight more health-care workers recruited during the trip in early 2023 will arrive in Manitoba later this month and will commence work “shortly thereafter.” The statement also noted that travel arrangements are being made for 49 more workers whose arrivals will depend on the candidate and their family’s availability to travel.“These individuals will be working as nurses or health-care aides, depending on their current clinical competency.”

Chi Angad-Fuentebella is the first successful candidate of the Manitoba recruitment mission to have arrived in Canada. According to her Facebook account, Angad-Fuentebella arrived in October 2023 amid a warm welcome she and her family “did not expect especially after a long journey.” She currently works as a health care aide for Northern Spirit Manor in Thompson, Manitoba.

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