Jul 17, 2024

At the Inaugural Symposium in 2013. Left to right: Calgary architect Robert Jim, PCHS co-founder Winnie Cheung, PCHS founding president and former Citizenship Judge, Ray Lee, PCHS founding directors Lynn Copeland and Harb Gill.

The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre (PCHC) Museum of Migration Society celebrates its fifth anniversary with an inaugural gala and first fundraising event on November 25, 6:30 p.m. at the River Rock Theatre in Richmond, B.C.

 Operating as a “museum without walls,” the PCHC Museum of Migration Society has been offering educational programs related to the history, culture, arts and “living stories” of Asian Canadians with partners across Canada through a core group of volunteers based in Metro Vancouver.

On its fifth year, the Society will formally introduce itself to the public and celebrate its successes at this event. But more than an invitation to the event, Society Director Amador Astudillo Jr. remarks, “It is an invitation to all Canadians to get to know each other’s stories of how we end up sharing this time and space so we can all work towards a better future for our children.” The event is also a call to join the Society on “this journey to become better informed Canadians by learning about the omitted gaps in histories of Pacific Canada.”

In 2014, the PCHC-MoM Society supported the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society is launching the First Families, First Stories Project to begin the process of giving voice to pioneering families of Asian heritage and to share the story of their arrival and settlement in Canada. The first community to be honoured was the Filipino community and the pioneering stories of those identified by the Filipino community were featured and honoured at the 2014 explorASIAN Gala.

Adds Astudillo, “Filipinos represent one of the largest immigrant groups in Canada and are integral to the fabric of Canadian history.” He urges Canadian Filipinos to make sure that the stories of the Filipino migrants are told and preserved to inspire succeeding generations of Canadian Filipinos and provide them with a sense of participation in the historical and cultural make-up of Canada.

Highlights of the Society’s successes over the last five years include programs like the Living Library Pilot and Smartphone Workshop Series in 2016 and the Banquet of Stories event in 2015 among many events and programs.

The November 25 event is a major step towards the Society’s goal of establishing a physical location for its Museum of Migration while continuing to seek government support and raise funds in the community as well as establishing partnerships across Canada and the Pacific.

The gala event promises inspirational storytelling, a kebaya fashion show and a Bhangra dance, prize draws, a dinner buffet and a headline show from CBC host and comedian Ali Hassan. Tickets are available online at www.eventbrite.ca.

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