Jun 14, 2024

Starting a new website in a crowded field of millions competing for the highest number of “hits” and the most “likes” is a daunting task in this fast-paced digital world. However, with the number of Filipinos in Canada soon to hit a million, a website inviting readers to pause, reflect and do something about issues that affect their lives, is timely and fitting.

 Filipino immigration to Canada is fairly new. The bulk of them came only in the last 60 years.  On arrival many had to contend with discrimination, exploitation,   racism, discredited professional credentials, low income jobs with no benefits.  Some had to rise above negative aspects of their own culture such as tribalism or mend family ties broken by many years of familial separation.    

Fortunately, there are more positive than negative factors in Filipino culture, values and traditions. And Canada’s inclusive society makes it easy for the mostly Christian, family-oriented, peace-loving, compassionate, caring, industrious and law-abiding Filipinos to succeed, as indeed they do.


canadian filipinoGoals of the CanadianFilipinoNet.com
The goals of this website are to connect Filipinos in Canada from coast to coast, focus on their issues as a community, highlight their heritage and social, cultural and economic contributions,  and promote their engagement in Canada’s multicultural society.  

Working side by side with other Canadians, helping each other, respecting each other’s differences, Filipinos easily integrate and evolve into their new “Canadian Filipino” identity while retaining what is good from their Philippine heritage.  Multiculturalism, adopted by the federal government as an official policy in 1971, became law in 1988. It ensures immigrants a place in Canada’s inclusive society with universal values of tolerance, equality, rights and freedoms to contribute and fully participate in Canada’s development and nation-building.

canadian filipinoMission of CanadianFilipino website 
To inform, engage and facilitate interactions among self-aware and involved Filipinos through digital media, discussions and debates. To provide them with a platform to express their views, needs, issues and do something about them. To share their values and culture with other Canadians in order to promote understanding and collaboration among Canada’s diverse population.

canadian filipinoPeople Behind the CF Website
The CF website is published by the Maple Bamboo Network Society (MBNS), a Vancouver-based non-profit registered in May 2016 under the Society Act. Its Editorial Board is composed of the founding directors of the MBN Society namely Prod Laquian  – Board Chair and Editor,  Eleanor Guerrero-CampbellEleanor R. Laquian and Lara Honrado.    

Clay Campbell
is Legal Advisor, Emmy Buccat, Social Media Manager and Arlene Wright, Webmaster. The provincial correspondents are Emmie Joaquin (Manitoba) and Dr. Mike Rayel (Newfoundland and Labrador). Contributors are Jo Flach, Joe Zagala, GK Limcangco, Marisa Roque, Rosa Tijam and Dr. Philip Kelly (Toronto), Ana Maria Olaguera (Montreal), Dominique Bautista, Dulce Amba-Cuenca, Joseph Cuenca, and Mariton Pacheco, Irene Querubin and Mellisa Remulla-Briones (Vancouver).  (Click each of the names for more information  about them.)


By Eleanor R. Laquian for
The CFNet Editorial Board
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