May 24, 2024

It’s often said that Filipinos would take on any job rather than receive welfare assistance from the government. Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash.

Filipinos in and outside their native country are known for many positive traits.

Hospitality, strong family ties, and devotion to God are a few examples.

Being hardworking is also among the top virtues ascribed to Filipinos wherever they are found in the world.

Filipinos in Canada are no exception.

An April 8, 2022 report by Statistics Canada provides a snapshot of the employment rate in the month of March, and one may not be too surprised that Canadian Filipinos have the highest rate in the country.

The federal agency defines employment rate as the “number of persons employed expressed as a percentage of the population 15 years of age and over”.

In March 2022, the employment rate across the country for the total population was 60.3 percent.

Among visible minorities, it was 64.7 percent.

Canadian Filipinos exceeded both the national and visible minority employment rates, posting 75.5 percent.

Following Canadian Filipinos are Latin Americans, with an employment rate of 68.6 percent.

As for the three biggest visible minority groups in Canada: South Asian, 66.9 percent; Chinese, 58.1 percent; and Blacks, 63.2 percent.

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